• Mother-Daughter Lawyers Practice Together
    A Mother-Daughter team who has your best interest in mind
  • Assisting the Family
    Assisting the family through difficult times
  • Donna at the Front Door
    Convenient, Compassionate, Caring
  • All Ages
    Making times of transition easier for all generations
  • Mrs. Arthur, Mrs. Evans, Victoria
    We care for all family members
  • A Couple and their financial issues
    Relief from your financial issues

Divorce and Family Law

Our areas of practice

Northern Virginia is a stressful area. This leads to problems such as divorce, custody, bankruptcy, and estate issues. We are fully equipped to provide you services in each of these areas.

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We Work for You

We work for you

With over thirty years of experience, we understand your problems and know how to tailor individual solutions ideal for your situation. We care about you and your views of the problems you face.

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Clients Choose Us For Estate Planning

Clients Choose Us

Most people do not take the time to consider their estate planning because it is in our nature to not want to think about illness or death. The reality of life in this world is that it is the loving thing to do to prepare and plan for how our estate should be handled . . .

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